Abel Amadi

Walking in the Light – Part 7

God is light and that is the nature of God. 1Timothy 6:16 tells us that God dwells in unapproachable light. Physically — light speaks of the glory of God; intellectually — light speaks of the knowledge of God and morally — light speaks of the purity of God. The best thing that can happen to any person on this side of heaven is walk in the light of God. When you walk in the light of God, there will be no iota of darkness around your life. To walk in the light is to hate darkness.

Darkness represents sin, evil and wickedness. Our world is filled with wickedness because people refused to walk in the light and choose to walk in darkness. There is no darkness in God and to walk in true fellowship with Him, we must love the light (righteousness, truth, justice and holy living) and eschew evil (sin and darkness). To walk in the light is to maintain a close fellowship with Jesus.

Walking in the light of God attracts the blessings of God upon one’s life and not regrets. Salvation, protection, provision, joy, peace and eternal life are the blessings for anyone who chooses to walk in the light of God.

Everything about God is good, so long, as you are walking with Him. The light of God brings transformation in one’s life. When Moses dwelt in God’s presence for 40 days, he was never the same. He was transformed. His face literally became very bright that Israelites could not behold it.

The late Rev. Charles Osueke said: “Our close association with God both in the closet and as we walk along with Him, brings us to a place that God simply rubs on us the oil of His beauty, even without our knowing it. We do not gaze at all the beauty of the Lord without partaking of that beauty even when we do not ask for it.”

Believers are the light of the world and they are to reflect this light in leadership, interpersonal relationships and the larger society. A leader should be a light, a beacon of hope, a pathfinder, a mentor, a developer and a people-builder. He is not supposed to be darkness covering the organisation where he works or leads, but a light that gives direction. The Bible said in Luke 12:48 that to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

A leader is not supposed to be a shadow cast, a wet blanket or darkness in his or her leadership. Every leader is supposed to be a source of inspiration, illumination, motivation and encouragement to his followers. He is supposed to provide sufficient light and inspiration for his followers to bring out the best in them. Matthew 5:16 says: “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify God Who is in Heaven.” A leader who shows attitude of vendetta, hatred, suppression, wickedness and discouragement is walking in darkness.
• Today’s nugget: Good leaders reflect light in leadership. Prayer: Lord help me to reflect the light of God in leadership. Prayer lines: 08033299824. E-mail: amadiabelukachi@gmail.com Rev. (Dr.) Abel Ukachi Amadi, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Nigeria.

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