Abel Amadi

Walking in the Light – Part 3

Key verse: Ephesians 5:8: “For you were once in darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of lights,” (NKJV).

Believers having turned away from their sins and decided to follow Christ, they are called to live as children of light in this dark world. As Paul wrote to the Christians in Ephesus, he instructed them to “live as children of light” instead of getting tangled up in the darkness of the sins that they once lived in. The imagery of light and darkness refers to one’s spiritual state. The death, guilt and separation that sin brings is “darkness.” Walking in darkness means that a person is living in sin and gratifying sinful desires. Christians are light.

A true child of God should showcase the light he has embraced by allowing God’s word into his life and by making Jesus the Lord of his life. The believer in Christ Jesus is required to walk in this light all through his days and sojourn on earth.

Light symbolises righteousness, which is opposite of sin. Darkness actually is the absence of light and speaks of ignorance, superstition, fear, sin, sickness, oppression, bondage, evil, witchcraft, poverty, suffering and shame. Anything that is of the devil is darkness for he is the prince of darkness. The best way to dispel darkness is to switch on light. The believer is called to be the light of God in the sinful world so that people will see the light and turn away from their sinful ways. Walking in the light means living in such a way that reflects the character of God, which includes love, truth, and righteousness. Walking in the light is living in holiness and uprightness and not in hypocrisy and deceit.

Light cannot coexist with or yield to darkness. Darkness represents the realm of Satan. Since God is light — this means there is nothing of God that is impure, carnal or unholy. God is holy, pure, good, loving, desirable and righteous. There is absolutely no wickedness, fear, sin, or evil in God. It is contradictory for anyone to claim to be walking in the light, but at the same time willfully continue in a lifestyle that is contrary to the word of God (2 Cor. 6: 14). When we walk in the light, we live in conformity with the scriptures. When we walk in the light, we will not desire a pompous and affluent living at any cost. When we walk in the light, we will seek out people who are not saved and proclaim the message of God’s love and His readiness to redeem them if they will come to Him in repentance and faith.

  • Today’s nugget: Light cannot coexist with darkness.
  • Prayer: Lord help me to reflect the light of God in me.

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